Hospital Call Center

Let your patients experience the best in hospital customer service

Hospital Customer Service

Customized solutions for hospitals to offer proactive medical answering services to patients.

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Helpline Call Center

Our Help line center can take care of any complex information dissemination as required by our client. We also manage facility services for Real Estate Companies, Educational Organizations etc...

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Hospital Call Center

Hospital Call Center or Medical Call Center Help Desk that acts as an empathetic and compassionate Help Line for Renal Patients, Diabetics, Ortho Patients, Heart Patients and Cancer Patients.

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In-Bound Communication Centre

Our Facility Management Services helps your company in breathing easy by transferring the pressures related to internal facility services to us!

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Open Mind Overview

Open Mind Services Limited is a leading Healthcare Call Center Outsourcing company meeting demands in varied fields such as Medical Call Center, Hospital Customer Service, Hospital Call Centers and Healthcare BPO.

We have a solution to any hospital outsourcing problem you may have- or your patients might encounter.



We hired Open Mind Services Limited for Call Management in our organization...

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Real-life Hospital Call Center Tips Blog

Hospital Customer Service teams need the right tools. LISTEN to patients complaints. Practice clear communication for patient engagement. Practice Empathy, Patience, and Consistency. Know how to close a conversation...

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