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Customer Support Services Blog

Customer Service Helpdesk teams need the right tools. LISTEN to customer complaints. Practice clear communication for customer satisfaction. Practice Empathy, Patience, and Consistency. Know how to close a conversation...

7 Key Benefits Of BPO Outsourcing Hospital Call Center Services

Open Mind Services Limited’s Outsourced Medical Call Centre Services offer your patients just what they need- laser focused information that saves them time and delivers the most important message you want to express via your communications- You care.

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The Future of a Hospital Call Center

The Future of a Hospital Call Center

By 2022, Customer Experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.

The Future of a Hospital Call Center

Outsourcing Healthcare Call Center- Your Questions Answered

Hospital Customer Service requires a different approach- Learn why your hospital needs an outsourced healthcare call center.

Customer Service Guide

Customer Service Guide for a Small Business

Consistent excellence in customer service is central for a small business. Here is a practical little Customer Support Guide.

Outsourcing Customer Support

What you should know before outsourcing customer support

Businesses are viewing Inbound Customer Support Outsourcing as a viable possibility to optimize investments and maximize value.

Trust Better

Nothing Builds Trust Better Than Consistency

Customer Experience - It’s not what we do once in a while that builds a robust relation; it’s what we do consistently.


How Tele-Health can Bring Diabetes Care to the Common Man?

Bringing patients within your desired goalposts by teaching them to build their diet around a family event is more realistic than saying, “Never eat dessert.”


Patient relationship management: advantage patients, courtesy healthcare providers.

A two-way patient relationship management helpdesk gives the patient a platform to resolve anxiety and queries about her health.


How Healthcare Marketers can use Social Media most efficiently

Social media isn’t only a place to advertise your products but it’s also an ideal platform to propagate important information about public health issues.

Customer Experience

Tone of Voice defines Customer Experience

We all understand that tone of voice is important, but what is the right tone that makes for a well-rounded customer experience?


Why Outsourcing your Customer Services is an astute decision?

Customer support agents are the soldiers in new markets, coached to win over customers at the expense of your competitors.

Alternative Check Customer

How to Provide Great Customer Service in Your Small Business

Here are helpful tips for learning about customers & their needs & pivoting your services for an excellent customer experience.


Why your Hospital needs a Help Desk

Communication based on predictive marketing results in sustaining trust in your facility, a crucial task in the healthcare business.


HelpDesk for your Hospital

We’ve successfully worked with a pharma company on Dialysis Call center as well as with multi-chain hospitals for Patient follow-up calls & Feedback mechanism.


Empathetic After-Therapy Counseling in Healthcare

Focused healthcare call center, Open Mind has built an enviable reputation in compassion and empathy based calling to patients

Customer Experience

Always Start With the Customer Experience, Not With the Marketing

'You've got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology - not the other way around.' - Steve Job

Customer Support

Is your Customer Support on a ventilator?

Customers refuse to be taken for granted; they are willing; even eager, to jump to a competitor at the first whiff of a better customer support experience.

Customer Service

6 Reasons Why Customer Service is your Business’s Definitive Metric

Recognize the value of excellent customer service, something that transcends from ‘as much as necessary’ to ‘exceptionally done.’

Customer Service

Acting skills for your customer service

Let’s try to focus on one skill that is rarely discussed but has a huge influence on dealing with an unhappy customer.


Empower your employees to avoid customer frustration

Consider empowering your employees as a proactive swing in your management strategy- the positives far outweigh trepidations.

Customer Service

Customer Service Phrases – Use these and circumvent those

Adapting these simple phrases by rehearsing them daily for about 30 minutes will help your team improve customer experience.

Customer Support

ONE single reason why Customer Support matters to your business

Trust me, we’ve to change. And transform rapidly. While apologizing for mistakes is the first mandatory step, it’s imperative to give your side of the story too.

Customer Service

7 Customer Service Tips To Turn A Furious Buyer Into Your Best Friend

With our focus on exceptional customer services, we at Open Mind Services Limited have faced many abusive and persistent complainers.

Customer Service

Instantly improve your Customer Service, with almost no money

Make sure your customer support department receives every single call as it was their first one, and ends each call as you would give farewell to a fond friend!

Customer Feedback

Why is Customer Feedback important now and forever

Outsourcing customer satisfaction surveys to an experienced company like Open Mind Services Ltd has changed many companies.

Customer Questions

Customer Questions, answered Transparently

Communicating with a live entity is still the most preferred manner when exploring for help about a product or a service.

Feedback Messenger

Does my business even need a Facebook messenger bot

You can automate a lot of tasks that can be completed without a human touch. For example, ordering a pizza with choice of toppings.

Feedback Messenger

3 ways Facebook Messenger Bots can perk up Customer Services

Make the process simpler by giving your customers the option to know more about your service, or to book at once from the bot.

A case study on B2B chatbots

A chatbot can categorically reduce your overheads while providing the same quality of excellence your company is well-known for.


4 Customer Support Digital Trends to embrace in 2019

Providing exceptional customer service is practically the only big differentiator in gaining crucial competitive advantage.

Customer Support Commandments

Top 5 Customer Support Commandments for 2019

A reluctance to move with the times can cause disruptions and force you to play catch-up and lose critical competitive advantage.

Outsourcing Customer Services

Outsourcing Customer Services for Client Retention

Building strong relations with your existing clients can shore up your finances that will help you in leveraging for stronger growth.

4 Steps away from Winning Unhappy Customers Back

H.E.L.P. is an easy to learn and follow acronym that summarizes 4 steps for a tricky situation with an unhappy customer…

Resist Overuse

Resist overuse of Social Media for Customer Service

In a recent survey, more than 80% of customers were more interested in naming & shaming the company rather than expecting refunds.

Can you spare half-an-hour to grow your business with Loyal Customers?

Delivering exemplary customer service that creates a positive experience has become the new standard

Elevate Customer Service

Are you getting expected results from your Customer Support?

Excellent Customer Support begins with hiring the best people. Predictable results are a direct outcome of intelligent planning before we begin a campaign.

Customer Customers

5 Psychology Hacks towards Brilliant Customer Service that Pay Back Instantly

Customers love better human service over automated responses. Are you using any such psychological hacks in your business?

Elevate Customer Service

4 Ways to Elevate the Customer's Experience

Make customer experience high priority and reap generous rewards. Always deliver value, irrespective of expectations. Work as a team with your customers.

Customer Experience

Why The Best CEOs Invest in Customer Experience

Here is a video compilation that has the likes of Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson articulating their views on the importance of a positive customer experience.


How to Handle an Angry Customer Service Complaint on Social Media?

How do you respond positively to a complaint on social media in a manner that retains customer loyalty and retention?


Communicate the best First Impression to a Customer Support Email

Given a chance, won’t you like to send (or receive) a tad personal note that appreciates your concern and promises a resolution within a stipulated time frame?


3 No-nonsense Tips to grow EMPATHY and win your customers

What a customer really wants from a communication is an exercise in reading between the lines, and delivering desired objectives.


EMPATHY in Customer Service can make your brand a celebrity

Empathy helps an executive in understanding herself and responding to her emotional outbursts in a more constructive manner.


Profit by outsourcing 1800- Toll Free number Help-desk

An outsourced toll free helpline establishes you as a leader in listening to customers, the first step to a solid relationship.