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Patient Care, data analysis and follow up by Tele Calling


Country or region: India
Industry: Business process outsourcing (BPO) , HR, Employee Care

Customer Profile

As an institution, Dr Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital has been in the forefront of working in the community since 1914. That tradition and the commitment continue even today 50% of all the surgeries done in a year is either done free or highly subsidized.

The corner stone of community work at the Hospital is the desire to provide quality eye care services to all economic sections of the society. The principle is to partner the community, create awareness and develop self –sustainable eye care models focusing on Community Based Rehabilitation.


The client was looking to set up a Help line facility catering to its Renal Dialysis customers. The main purpose of which was to remain in touch with the users and assist them in case of any problem related to the instruments or patients health.


The client has a data base of a large number of users who are currently using the Dialysis facilities of the company. Now they are all being managed and helped by the existing sales team of the Renal department who visit or call the users on a regular basis and help them with any queries which a patient might have.

It was felt that all these users can be very well managed and serviced by a Call center and this call center can also help in collaborating with the sales team or the service team if required.

It was also felt that proper care and correct responses can be given to the users only if the call center is run and managed within the premises of the company. So the company decided to go in for the ‘captive model’ of a Call Center.


  • To have a multilingual facility with atleast 9 different languages
  • State of the Art Hardware and Software to handle incoming and outgoing calls
  • Well trained staff (preferably nurses) to handle the queries in a polite and humanly manner.
  • All essential Call Center Equipments
  • Complete setup to be Managed and owned (except the office space) by Open Mind but leased to the client.
  • Complete Database management of all the existing users and New additions
  • Routine bi monthly/weekly calling to be done on the users as per a pre set user classification.


Open Mind has the desired experience, know how and the capability to set up and manage a call center fulfilling all the needs and thus getting the desired result of satisfying the users of the clients equipments.

Process of Calling

The complete Process of calling can be primarily divided into three parts.

  • Data compilation
  • Calling for feedback and help
  • Help Line

The complete calling system will work as a personalized setup. Each and every calling agent will be designated a user as per the Language preference and that particular agent will be the single point of contact for the user, thus making it simpler and personalized for the user.

Type Of Calls

New Patient: Post Training Assessment call

New/ High Risk Patient: Two follow up calls per month, up to 6 month

Old Patients: One follows up call per month after 6 month.

All Patients: Emergency calls on need basis for agents, patients and patient attendants

All Patients: Prescription Tracking

Data Compilation

It is primarily an exercise which will be done on the existing database in which the user will be called and the complete database will be updated. Further more the user will be given a unique ID and a card will be issued to him/her.

Data Compilation for R&D

Agent will call the user.

Will update the database and take the required information. Including the language preference of the user

The information will be fed into the system and ID generated.

The information will be fed into the system and ID generated.

ID will be informed to the user.

An ID Card will be made and issued to the user

The user will be identifiable from the ID number as well as the name/DOB/Location.

Each user will then be assigned an agent, as per the language preference and the Agent will then call to introduce him-self and connect to the user. During future calls the User can directly connect to the user using IVR.

Calling for regular Feedback

All the users will be classified into different categories depending upon various parameters which will determine the usage pattern of the user. Accordingly the users will be called periodically to just talk to them and take any feedback which they want to give.

Since the users are critically ill patients hence they will be called to console, to listen and counsel them regarding the problems being faced due to the treatment. The Agent will be well trained in handling situations of depression, anger, crying and will give a soft ear to the patient. Moreover if need be the patient can also be directed to the nearby Hospital or the doctor for an opinion. The main objective of the caller will remain to take the feedback of the product of the client being used by the patient and to appropriately enter the answers to different questions devised for further analysis.

Help Line

A Toll free and a paid line will be dedicated as a help line so that the users can contact Baxter and get any urgent query solved. This help line can also be used to guide the patients to the nearest hospital in case of an emergency or to direct him to the nearest available Doctor.

This Help line will be guided by an IVR menu and the call will land up on the desk of the Agent who is predefined for that user.

  • The user calls the Help Line Number.
  • The call is diverted to the assigned Agent by the IVR after the user presses certain keys.
  • The agent replies to the queries and attends the complaint.
  • In case the complaint needs to be forwarded, then the agent tracks the complaint to its last point and makes sure that it gets solved in a set stipulated time.
  • Gives a satisfaction call after the complaint gets resolved

Feedback and Complaint Redressal Management By Tele Calling – TELE AUDIT


Country or region: India
Industry: Business process outsourcing (BPO) , Tele Audit, Vendor Care

Customer Profile

Hewlett Packard India Sales Pvt Ltd - HP

Established in 1988, India is one of the largest and most diverse sites for HP outside of the US. The company’s 25,000+ employees are spread over 45 locations. The businesses represented in HP India include:

Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) - is the leading provider of printing and imaging solutions for both business and consumers - printer hardware, all-in-ones, digital imaging devices such as cameras and scanners, MFDs, associated supplies and accessories come under this fold.


There was a constant need of checking and solving the issues of Dealers regarding POP Material. The need was to

  • Satisfy the store owner by providing tale support for all its needs/complaints related to POP material.
  • Manage and Justify spending on POP material
  • Plug the loopholes in the delivery of POP material
  • Ensure that the Material is properly used and displayed
  • Address the complaints of Stores for faulty or damaged POP material
  • Take proper feedback and suggestions for future planning and innovation regarding Promotions in stores

It is an excellent way to keep an eye on your vendors To know as what they are doing and also to bring up the confidence in the Retailers who are actually the main beneficiaries.” HP India IPG


The appropriate solution was to have a dedicated Tele Desk which can coordinate between

  • HP
  • Agencies manufacturing POP material
  • Delivery Agencies
  • The concerned HP OCS Stores

Solution/Service Provider

Here is where “ Silver Lining BPO ” (Now Known as Open Mind Services Limited) came up with a process and prepared the complete management service and solution.

This concept was the brain child of Mr. Ravi Raj Sagar who guided “ Open Mind Services Limited” to bring it to reality.

Advantages of having a Tele Desk

A dedicated Tele desk can

  • Take Regular feedback from Dealers
  • Provide a Help Line for any complaints
  • Take timely requirements
  • Help solve issues like late deliveries
  • Suggest OCS to use POP properly
  • Take suggestions for further improvement
  • Keep a check on the delivery Agencies performance
  • Keep Track of quality related issues of Hard material Manufacturing Agencies
  • Suggest HP and Agencies regarding improvement on future development of Hard Material

Process Summary

Process Flow

Tele caller calls the OCS Store on a regular Basis

Notes the complaint or requirement of the Store

Passes on the complaint to designated Agencies

Agencies conduct a survey to see the genuine nature of the complaint

The survey report is approved from HP along with solution

Solution is implemented by Agency and complaint solved

Tele caller calls again to satisfy the OCS Store.

Requirements are passed on to the ASM’s for their approval and added in monthly requirement database after their approval.


  • Weekly and Monthly Reports are generated
  • Reports help in analyzing various kinds of requirements of
    the OCS Stores
  • Complaints are analyzed and addressed
  • Suggestions from the Stores are also reported

Reports are generated in a user friendly excel format so as to analyze and use it effectively

In a Nut Shell

The customer (Retailer) gets

  • Over All satisfaction because of helpline support
  • Single point contact to raise complaints and requirements related to POP material

And HP gains by

  • Controlling the supplies of Material
  • Checking the Quality
  • Satisfying the customer
  • Kind of an Audit of Agencies concerned
  • Requirements to be fulfilled on Need Basis
  • Direct suggestions from Stores
  • Saves Cost Incurred.

Can it be replicated?

This model with process dependent modification can be replicated very easily on other departments and issues like

  • Hardware Complaints
  • Cartridge related issues
  • Issues of other category of Stores.
  • To Any Other Company managing multiple franchises

HR and call centre technology for better Employee relations


Country or region: India
Industry: Business process outsourcing (BPO) , HR, Employee Care

Customer Profile

Bharti Walmart Private Limited is a joint venture between Bharti Enterprises, one of India's leading business groups with interests in telecom, agri-business, insurance and retail, and Walmart, the world’s leading retailer, renowned for its efficiency and expertise in logistics, supply chain management and sourcing. The joint venture is establishing wholesale cash-and-carry and back-end supply chain management operations in line with Government of India guidelines. Under the agreement, Bharti and Walmart hold a 50:50 stake in Bharti Walmart Private Limited. The first wholesale cash-and-carry facility named “Best Price Modern Wholesale” opened in Amritsar in May 2009.


HR function of any company depends a lot upon the HR managers and there effectiveness to communicate with the employees. India has progressed a lot in the last decade and so has the profile and abilities of the employees to work in any organization. Now an employee starting from the lowest level wants to know everything about his companies HR policies and various components of his salaries.

But is he able to communicate and solve his issues with the company?

Are the HR Managers Receptive to the issues holding the employee?

Is improper communication a reason for attrition?

Can a company spread across the country have the best HR practices and also cut costs?

The Benefits of Effective Employee Communication

Often effective communication with employees is touted as advantageous, beneficial, and the stuff that makes the warm and fuzzy types happy. The 2005/2006 Watson Wyatt Communication ROI Study™ shows that effective communication is a leading indicator of an organization’s financial performance. Some of the findings:

  • Companies that communicate effectively have a 19.4 percent higher market premium than companies that do not.
  • Shareholder returns for organizations with the most effective communication were over 57 percent higher over the last five years (2000-2004) than were returns for firms with less effective communication.
  • The 2005/2006 study found evidence that communication effectiveness is a leading indicator of financial performance.
  • Firms that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to report high levels of employee engagement versus firms that communicate less effectively.
  • Companies that are highly effective communicators are 20 percent more likely to report lower turnover rates than their peers.
  • Two-thirds of the firms with high levels of communication effectiveness are asking their managers to take on a greater share of the communication responsibility, but few are giving them the tools and training to be successful.
  • Global firms are not customizing their messages to meet local needs or cultural sensitivities.
  • On average, firms within the financial and retail trade sectors rank among the most effective communicators. Health care, basic materials, telecommunications and other service companies rank among the least effective communicators.

Business Challenge

How to communicate effectively with its predicted large force of employees spread throughout the country. These employees will be from varied background, part timers, housewives, villagers, low income group people and from different cultures speaking various languages. Apart from effective communication the challenge was to keep the HR management cost to the minimum level

"The biggest challenge was to communicate with the team members and Associates located all over the country and disseminate the same information and also cut costs"
HR Vice President, Bharti Retail

Tools for effective communication – How did the Retail Giant benefited from this

One of the retail giant in India “Bharti Retail – Walmart”, started its operations in India in the year 2007 and the very first challenge the HR head of the company envisaged was that how to effectively communicate with its predicted large force of employees which will be spread throughout the country. These employees will be from varied background, part timers, housewives, villagers, low income group people and from different cultures speaking various languages. Apart from effective communication the challenge was to keep the HR management cost to the minimum level.

A lot of thought went into this and Open Mind Services Limited was asked to take up this challenge to provide an effective means of communication between the employees and the HR department of Bharti Retail and also make a system which becomes the backbone of the HR department.

Open Mind studied the whole situation and understood the future scenario, after deep study and analysis it was thought to have a proper HR helpline centre working on voice technology to cater the employees of Bharti Retail. It was named as MyHR.

Functions of myHR:

- To provide all the information related to the particular employee and the company like:

  • Leave balances
  • Policy explanations
  • Tax related issues
  • Salary issues
  • PF/ESI issues
  • Full and Final settlement issues
  • Help in portal usage

- Help in listening and forwarding the complaints of the employees

  • Complaints against other employees or management
  • Complaints/suggestions related to the stores etc

Benefits to the employee:

All the information related to their salaries etc was easily available

Employees were directly in touch with the company representative in the centre

The help line facility was free of cost to them

They did not fear the backlash or unreceptive behaviour of their direct seniors

The centre was always open to hear their complaints and take it to the logical conclusion

More than 95% of their issues were resolved on one single phone call

In case of an escalated issue, it was resolved within a set TAT.

The Functions of MyHR (Employees Relationship Center)


Multi-lingual Service catering to widespread geographical locations.

Toll free no. gives easy access to associate with no extra cost

Work-force composition not being computer savvy hailing from all walks of life, Mobile comm. is the most popular mode of communication in India

Centralization of services ensures standardization and consistency

Increases the efficiency of location HR, as centralized backend allows higher ass. - HR ratio.

Resolution is just a call away, which wins over the limited accessibility of emails at office locations.

Benefits to the Employer:

Higher employee: HR manager ratio ensures enough direct cost savings to the company, It has been estimated that on every 1000 employees a cost saving of over Rs 50 Lakhs per annum. (estimated figures for year 2009-10)

Due to centralization, the accurate information is sent throughout the organisation thus leading to a satisfied employee force.

Company gains the confidence of the employees and gives a better service to them

At last a Happy Employee leads to better productivity.


MyHR has helped Bharti Retail transform the way HR is looked upon in a company, It has bonded the employee to the company in a much better way by offering a single window service. Companies does not get created but they are always nurtured to become giants, and a happy employee force works as a catalyst for this Growth.