Five Winning Reasons for appointing Outsourced HR Shared Services

Five Winning Reasons for appointing Outsourced HR Shared Services

Outsourcing your HR shared services can result in a few extra cuppa ;)

Outsourcing HR Shared Services from a reliable vendor is increasingly proving to be one of the most constructive steps towards effectively managing HR services in an organization. Reliable vendor in this context is identified as an Outsourced HR Shared Services provider who can effortlessly offer responsive, client focused, consistent and cost effective HR services to employees and managers.
Here are a carefully chosen 5 winning motives that make for an efficient and commendable Outsourced HR Shared Services experience:

1. Single Point of Contact. Employees are like kids demanding constant attention, and as a good parent, best practices companies understand and accept that. Since almost 60–70% of HR is transactional, it makes sharp business sense to invest in an outsourced HR shared services organization for all HR related queries and responsibilities. This entity-individual, Web portal or intranet- then helps employees and managers in resolving all kinds of issues they face in a vibrant environment.

The clear advantages this kind of outsourced HR shared services offers are:

a) Precious time for both managers and employees

b) Presents an opportunity to use expertise more efficiently

c) Saves HR Cost for the organization

d) Reduces attrition by reducing employee dissatisfaction

2. Utilizing Technology for a congenial experience.

Learning, Reward and Talent remain the topmost focus areas for the HR department. With a rapidly growing workforce, it really has turned into a nightmare to effectively manage these vital clogs. Enter the Cloud. No, not number 9 but something as spectacular as a solution! Outsourced HR shared services companies like Open Mind Services Limited offer integrated HR services in a cloud based environment, hence allowing employees as well as HR professionals to ask questions and get answers from anywhere. Since most of the transactions are happening on a cloud, paperless office can become a reality very soon, giving HR professionals immediate access to updated information without having to leaf through bales of old records.

3. Consolidate essential services.

Circa 2000. Almost all big and small companies had dedicated HR divisions for distinctive entities like Payroll, HR admin, Data functions, Recruitment etc. Outsourced HR shared services have brilliantly combined all these services and hugely impacted the way companies conduct business.

Highly advanced organizations hire Outsourced HR Shared Services firms for an amazing range of solutions:

a) Transactional services like Learning, Recruitment, Talent Management, Rewards etc.

b) Process Improvement

c) HR Data and Analytics

d) Payroll management

Budgetary savings aside, increased employee confidence and a refreshed focus on other critical aspects of the business has often resulted in zooming profits and bringing in accolades from competitors and clients alike.

4. Data analysis for predictive change management.

Outsourced HR Shared Services firms can provide fact based feedback to their clients from the remarkable human resources data it is privy to. Although this data is being used for the past few years for tasks like Rewards and Performance management, the incredible value this data can add to critical business decisions is still surprisingly an uncharted territory.

Human capital remains one of the most critical parts of our economy, HR data analysis can play an integral part in ensuring that companies stay competitive and top talent is utilized to the best of its abilities.

Data analytics by Outsourced HR Shared Services like Open Mind Services Limited involves scrutinizing big data in quest of patterns, trends, correlations and insights about employee behavior. The eventual ambition is to discover something that companies could not realize and to be predictive for prominent HR functions like hiring, training and choosing best schemes that keep the employees enthusiastic!

5. Phone based Help Desk is a blessing for the workforce.

Given a chance to resolve your HR query, what will you choose between Email, Ticket on Portal, Chat and Phone? You might think all of these have equal odds, dependent on personal choice. Curiously, Phone wins by a margin big enough to be termed smashing-the-opposition!

Outsourced HR Shared Services firm, Open Mind Services Limited ascertained from its experience that employees and managers- even the C-suite ones- prefer phone over any other means of communication with the HR division. The profound yet simple reason being the speed of providing answers.

Come to think of it, why will anyone open the portal and write down a query and wait for an answer when she can simply dial a number from the omnipresent mobile phone and get the answer within 3 minutes? This figure is not a fig of imagination but an upshot from our data analysis which also demonstrates that more than 95% of workforce queries can be answered and issues resolved within this time frame, without the need for any auxiliary communication.

Open Mind’s Phone Help Desk comes as a powerful and engaging addition to the assortment of services you can expect from a dependable Outsourced HR Shared Services provider.

Your HR transformation is a journey where a professional Outsourced HR Shared Services act as a mentor to guide your business towards significant benefits in cost, efficiency and quality of services. Additionally, your business managers can achieve extra capacity to focus on other weighty issues for taking the business forward in the right direction.

As the end note, let me reiterate the fact that Outsourced HR Shared Services deliver expert assistance for uniform implementation of company policies and programs across the planet.