In-Bound Communication Centre

Facility communication center:-

Our facility management service help the organization to hand-over the pressures related to internal facility services. We become a single contact point for the organization as well as the vendors. It helps in streamlining the process as all facility communication is provided to a single contact centre which relays the same to the concerned vendors and also follow-up for the completion of the communication. This helps in accumulating all the data as well as stream lining and improving processes.

White-Goods / Medical Equipment Complaint Centre:-

Our organization comes from a very proficient medical background. We are one of the leading organizations to provide backend support for medical equipments. We form a single connect point for all your customer related complaints. The complaints are then forwarded to the field staffs which help in speeding up the process. We also provide thorough communication to the customers through SMS and Email, which helps the customers to understand the process better. We have a follow-up and feedback system which helps organization to satisfy its customers better and to analyze employee productivity.