Resist overuse of Social Media for Customer Service

Social media is everywhere! And with the immediate response it promises, it seems to be an excellent option to resolve customer service issues.

But is it really helping your business?

It sure is exciting to view Facebook and Twitter as the answer to address customer service issues since you feel it empowers your customer along with saving you on time, money and resources.

You are in for a huge disappointment and a risk of your brand losing precious equity you carefully built in years.

In a recent survey of 1000 consumers and 289,000 profiles by Sprout Social, more than 80% of them were more interested in naming and shaming the company rather than expecting refunds or discounts.

Moreover, Sprout found that 55% were looking for an apology or solution, while 51% were trying to get the attention of the news media. And 81% said social media activism increased brand accountability.

Actually, most customers regard social media as their nuclear warhead for taking on big businesses. Hence they tend to vent all their pent up anger on the slightest excuse. The aftermath is similar to a road rage incident- somebody is thrashed and reputations destroyed, often due to genuine and minor oversights.

No wonder a majority of businesses are spending huge money to firefight the trolls on twitter and Facebook.

The solution lies in encouraging your customers to contact you directly, via a toll free number or personally at your locations.

Inbound Customer Service Help desks remains one of the most effective resources in providing cutting edge customer support that genuinely tries to address issues and resolve slip-ups.

Open Mind’s budget-friendly inbound Toll-Free Customer Support Helpdesk can make a huge difference to how your customers identify your company, and like our other clients, you too can expect to shield your reputation from turbulent trolls and social media activists.