Specialized Services

Help Line for Renal Patients / Diabetic Patients / Ortho Patients / Heart Patients / Cancer Patients etc.


  • Proper knowledge about the disease keeps a patient aware and hence he complies to therapy.
  • Educating them about the adverse effects of missing therapy can motivate them to be regular and hence improve health and increase longevity.
  • Education and awareness of precautions taken for keeping the equipment’s and medical devices error free can be done through call.
  • Understanding his/her body & symptoms can guide the patient to avail medical aid at the right time hence keeping him healthy.


  • Since these are chronic & lifelong ailment, a lot of patient`s loose the desire to live and just give up. It is important to keep them engaged in order to keep up the motivation.
  • Most patient comply to therapy but do not follow the necessary diet or exercise regime which is an important element in maintaining the health of patient.

Follow Up

  • Depending upon criticality of the patient he can be contacted from time to time and/or his clinical parameters noted.
  • Any alarming/indicative change in his clinical parameters raises a red alert in the system and the doctor is notified. The patient is convinced to visit to the doctor urgently.
  • A con-call can be arranged with the doctor in such a scenario or on the request of the patient.
  • Most patients get mislead by various sources into taking treatments which might not be necessary. A relationship manager dedicated to the patient can put all his apprehensions aside and making him feel cared for.
  • Health Tips and important alerts can be sent by SMS
  • Appointment Reminder and Follow-up.


  • These patients usually feel very low psychologically. They need to have a person who can listen them out and also boost their morale. This can be easily done from by our well trained and dedicated staff.
  • Diet counseling can be done on call on the basis of their readings.

Other Services

  • Assisting patients with getting supply of medicines
  • Analytical and progress chart of patients
  • Patient Feedback Surveys
  • Proactive calling to make patients comply with the therapy
  • Follow up of the patient right from discharge from hospital
  • Reminder calls for Appointments.
  • Simple HAU (How are you feeling Now!) Calls
  • Post hospitalization, and discharge summary explanation calls
  • Post hospitalization, and discharge summary explanation calls
  • Education to Patient Attendants on phone