Tele Health Patient Help Desk

Tele Health Patient Help Desk

Healthcare Connect Centre helps Hospitals in taking care of patients, Appointment management, helping patients connect with the doctors, Patient Feedback, Patient Monitoring, Patient Reminder and much more. The Patient Connect Centre is a boon for any healthcare service provider. Our trained resources with an empathetic approach connect with the patients to help them and enhance the brand value of the healthcare provider.

"A Happy Patient leads to a Happy Doctor"

Above are the words of a very famous Doctor who always believed that having a healthy relationship with his patients is as important as treating him.

We at Open Mind Services Limited follow the same philosophy. Our mission is to be a connecting point between the patient and the Doctor. Be it Mother & Child, Critical Care, Renal Care, Diabetes Management or simple post hospitalization follow-ups.

Patient's love to be taken care of like children, they want to be pampered, and given a soft ear. And most of these things can be done by professionally trained people on phone who can simultaneously keep an eye on the health aspects of the patient. Be it diet, key parameter readings, psychological hearing or health tips.

We believe in ensuring long life for the sick, and simultaneously retaining the patient on to a therapy or institution, indirectly benefiting the later.

It’s been many years now that we have been making life of Kidney patients simpler. Eye care has also become easier due to professional attachment of Open Mind.

Another Specialty of our is in the field of Mother & Child care. We are one of the few organizations which can manage Mother & Child Care proficiently. We make the child birth feel even more special. We try to create a bond between the Mother and the Hospital which lasts forever.

We will be happy to share the success story with you and help you take a decision on Patient Relationship Management. It is far beyond a simple PR exercise.